Simple Compression Assistant
  1. Introduction
  2. Advantages of UT3Compress
  3. Download program or source code


Designed to make the process of compressing Unreal Tournament 3 gamefiles easier, UT3Compress allows users to access the compress commandlet in UT3 by way of a simple GUI that includes a few extra features such as skipping files if they exist already. Effectively, this allows users to "synchronize" a redirect directory with a gamefiles directory.

Taken from the readme file: UT3Compress is a painfully simple application that lets users who have patched their game to support the compress command easily compress files. It creates compressed files that are .uz3 format. It was written in .NET/C#.

Advantages of UT3Compress


Using UT3Compress rather than a batch file has a few key advantages:

  • Suppression of commandlet windows to prevent clutter
  • Automation of compressing multiple files at once (scales)
  • Files that exist can be skipped, allowing a user to "synchronize" two directories
  • UT3Compress can be easily run in Win2003 Server with RDP access
  • Simplistic GUI makes it easy for novice users unfamiliar with cmd syntax

Download program or source code